Rick: So I can say. Welcome everyone to the 19th Kids Knowledge Seekers’ Workshop of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute
and once again we will be meeting with Mr. Keshe of the Spaceship Institute and see what he has offered for children and children’s teaching.
And we have Kevin Giovanni to speak with here as well.
Are you available Kevin to begin the workshop?

Kevin: Yeah I am! Hello, Rick. Hello Vince. Hello, Mr. Keshe. Hello to all of knowledge seekers.
OK. as I being listening today to the workshops, especially in regard to Alex creating some pure? of matter, and now that we have finally created free energy which humanity has been for such a long time crying for
and I must say, Mr. Keshe, I don’t see you, but I think you can hear me within your soul. that is really bashfull to surprised that there is not a single entity organization talking about it, it is just bashful of my mind but it’s OK. It’s probably ignorance over, a ignorance over the ability.
Anyway there are two issues of questions I want to raise up, you can, you know, deal with both of them if there is enough time or just pick one of them if you… Please.

So, the first one would be as you been talking about, you know, too much into physicality news:/s/and all these factors in environmental conditions, they are responsible for the creation of matter
and that when you mention that when Alex created that matter, it would need to create the same environmental conditions and to have the same factors to create the exact same matter.
So you being talking about, you know, the so emotionality and the manifestation of matter and if the time is mature, I want to green this up and the question how can I?
I mean I’ve been learning and experiencing personally myself the manifestational wishes. But I don’t want to go into detail because it will be too personal but some of my experience????I [news:/s/02:29.6-02:34.0] you are part of that realizational manifestation.
So the first thing would be, how do we involve or how can I put it into words, how can we bring our consciousness, our intentions, our wishes from within our emotionality and soul to the realization to the manifestation of our wishes?

If that question is clear, the second one would be, I don’t know anybody, you know, that is not excited about the freedom, the feeling of freedom and independence of travelling with a, you know, with a car, and with the system integrated [news:/s/03:13.8-03:18.2] , let’s say, you know, if you could explain, I want to, you know, understand how, you know more, let’s say, the tech knowledgical details with the four shock absorbers in the centralize one core reactors in the certre of the car

and you know way that also kids and younger people could understand that because since I thought that movie many many many years ago called treety treety bag bag [news:/s/03:41.0-03:45.4] it’s like, I could never be stop dreaming about that because this is totally new way of transportation of traveling from A to B within an unbelievable raid of speed. So did my questions get through ? Or Am I still there? Hello! Is everybody there?
因为你知道用什么样的方法能让孩子和青少年理解。因为自此很多年以前,我看过一部叫做《treety treety bag bag》的(科幻)电影,我就无法停止梦想这种全新的旅行方式,以不可能的运行速度从A点到B点。我的问题说清楚了吗?我还在线吗?Hi!有人在线吗?

Rick: I did hear your questions. The first one I don’t understand but I did understand the second one. I am not sure Mr. Keshe did or not. And there he is. He’s in the big red chair friendly gentle sit in the big red chair.

Kevin: We can’t hear you Mr. Keshe. I think you mic is off. Yes or not.

Keshe: Not off. One second , one second[news:/s/04:38.8-04:43.2] The software!Is that ok now? [news:/s/04:38.8-04:43.2]

Rick: Yes, you are already I had just muted, because Mr. Giovanni was talking.

Keshe: Ah! So I don’t know what this question is because I told you too. because I was busy with something else with my phone. I… I don’t think that box in the working condition from this, the good job damaged, so let’s see what happened. Carry on!

Kevin:Hello, Mr.Keshe. I am going to repeat myself, making it more short……

Keshe: That’s normal your m??? Kevin. so repeat yourself
凯史:??? 重复下你的问题。 [news:/s/05:12.8-05:17.2]

kevin: Ha, OK! when you are talking about, you know, you connection with……

Keshe: Don’t touch anything there! Just move somewhere else just move from that! OK, carry on!

Kevin: When you are talking today in the previous workshops today in connection with Alex presentation of creation of matter and when he said there are so many factors involved, so many environmental conditions that would be needed to be replicated to replicate exact matter or former of matter and when he detailed about it would be much easier that it is probably maturity process going to that [news:/s/05:57.0-06:01.4] soul level to manifest matter. I’d love to, you know, I ‘d love you to, you know, go more if it is somehow appropriate at this platform of the time for kids and younger people, because you know people, younger folks they read a lot of fairy tales and Harry Potter, what you call it Harry Potter books. So I want to know, is there a way how we can involve and integrating involve our emotionality and soul and consciousness and intentions [news:/s/06:31.0-06:35.4] to manifest to real matter. That was my first question, you know what I am getting it!
Keshe: I don’t get it yet, nobody knows [news:/s/06:41.2-06:45.6] we are looking at each others and in a strange road.
Rick: I still don’t get it the second time around!
Keshe: xxx into the world and what’s going on? We don’t understand.
Rick:Kevin you need ask the question like a child would.
Keshe: Pardon?
Rick: Kevin needs simplify like a child would ask a question. Then we can all understand.
Keshe: Yeah,now make yourself as a child.
Kevin: Ok, you know, when Alex presented his system how when he created some form of matter, and it seems , I mean, a kid would watch that it looks very complicated with all the star formation gans here reactor there. It like really complicated and you said yourself you would need the same exact factors, environment conditions and there is a lot of, you know, a factor involved to create the exact matter, that’s Alex did. And there is another way you went into other anvenue talking about, you know, the soul and [07:59.4-08:03.8] star formation. So I would love you to talk about the easier way of creating manifesting matter.

Keshe: The creation of magravs [08:09.6-08:14.0] is not magravs change into matter. I think you still haven’t got it. you change the energy to the state you find out what Alex has is not magravs, it is a matter state because it is created the matter in the matter environment, plasma in the matter environment,
if you look, [08:36.8-08:41.2]I am doing a bit clean up for the last section, if you look it is the 1st time man as I said today as manage to do the transfer exactly like solar system [08:50.4-08:54.8] where we repeat what children to understand the difference is that in the…we had the material, they said, as we said this morning, the copper, we heat the copper, this copper plate, which is here [09:17.6-09:22.0] this copper plate is in the matter state which means it’s gravitational magnetic field is at a matter strength plasma. [09:31.2-09:35.6] So what we done we heated it up and we manage to bring it into the separate condition but still in a nano state, in a matter state.
So now this was all packed together. Now we’re heating it, we allowed it to separate [09:58.4-10:02.8] Then they put current into it. Now it is still in the matter state, but in a single atom. Then when we add it to the salt water in the container or we created the condition. [10:25.6-10:30.0] Now anything is free [10:29.0-10:33.4] . individual atom.

Arman: Mr. Keshe?
Keshe: Yes.
Arman: Do you have it in the correct pocket or it just me?
Keshe:Yes, in the wrong pocket. it isn’t in my heart [10:42.6-10:47.0] that is the problem.
Arman:Thank you.

Keshe: You feel the emotion. So you have the same in the plasma here half of the plasma is in a free state and half is attached to the matter state. [11:03.0-11:07.4]
So it is a single? condition here is totally free. That is the plasma, is the plasma copper, you call it plasma of the solar system, the sun. It’s the same.Now it is free plasma, it is just the size and mass which is different.
So now you have the sun, you create the condition that the field of the sun can spread in the solar system. and as they spread they interact with other fields, so they keeps on the going down.
Let’s say they start at the speed of 1000 strength[11:50.6-11:55.0] here is about 900 passing with others here. there are about 200 and let’s say the copper strength was 200.
So now at this point you receive the matter state in the singularity of the gans but you are in the nano state level in the gans state. So what it is you are still here then what happened you are given a condition of the environment of,they say, the same planet of earth, the blue planet. In the blue planet once you enter the blue planet. We better move it then you understand it. So if you enter the blue planet because of its gravitational magnetic field the 200 here manifest staff back as the copper, So this is what we see and this is what we have, so you go from matter, you create the nano material, you have gans, the gans is the same as the sun. It’s plasma and then what you do.
I have to stop this [13:15.6-13:20.0] OK. thanks. So the plasma the slowest in the strength you get in the condition of environment become matter.
and then if you free these matter back again to the plasma you recycle so this is the cycle of life. [13:36.0-13:40.4]
this right cycle of plasma [13:39.4-13:43.8] in every condition you created. So if you put now what Alex set [13:53.0-13:57.4] You put a branch of these in what you call it [13:53.0-13:57.4] the core.
These been it because now the energy from this is the same as the sun are radiating out in the environment of the earth gravitational magnetic field,
These if I do it red then you all understand it easy way. now in the environment of the magnetic field of his lab he created the condition of the matter state of the earth, so what he has collected is branches of matter.
We don’t know what these matter are because each side of the house has different gravitational magnetic field, one could be copper, one is zinc, one was water, and one let’s say it’s chrome or salt or whatever,
so different condition different planet create allow different material of plasma to manifest itself because in there now you interact with the matter state field. So this is how the life and the existence is [15:01.0-15:05.4] ever cycle of transfer from one strength to another and back to whatever you could do.
Kevin: Mr. Keshe, I am sorry.You talk about you emphasize his wish, you said over over times, you said he had his wish, I want to know the interaction of his wish of …
Keshe: Ah! Listen don’t ask this question, this is children program.
Kevin: I don’t care. I am a kid.
Keshe: You are the kid, but the kid won’t understand. but let me explain to you something else. If his wish wasn’t there, this environment, let say, would [15:41.8-15:46.2] created zinc. and here will be aluminium and here let’s say alcohol, but because his wish is a part of the structure that add to it too.
Because now his wish as a plasma as a factor on the environment of the representation too. Wish 、desire is plasmatic gravitational and magnetical. this is the difference.
This is why it’s important to understand how wish will change the situation. Your wish changes the environment. You wish to have conflicted the environment,you create the conflict, you create the environment, wish the field’s strength is as conflict level.
If you look, especially for the children, I advise you never listen to the news, especially broadcast for children or for adults which is targeted out the war.
In Europe they built wars. they built, they created environment of conflict there is an enemy we have to fight it and they increase it and then because they cheat planned?? they deliver people who can show a small conflict the result rob the nations [17:10.2-17:14.6]
Because building the conflict is pick-pocketing. [17:13.6-17:18.0] Wars present wars are pick-pocketing in a large scale [17:17.0-17:21.4] when you go on pick somebody’s pocket to steal from them, you don’t want to say :can I have your pocket?
It is two of you ,three of you, you created the structure wallet is busy. you pick up the [17:27.2-17:31.6] pocket, you walk away with the computer, whatever calculate the wallet the money in it [17:34.0-17:38.4]

Now the international structure is they created the main xxx [17:37.4-17:41.8] by the television on the news and then they see themselves ??? the coat and by the time people find out [17:44.2-17:48.6] since our bank are empty [17:47.6-17:52.0]
当今国际结构是他们通过电视新闻制造重大事件? 然后盗窃国民财富,直到某一天人们发现存在银行的钱不见了。

it is the same situation. they created the environment of conflict everybody expect conflict people go into conflict a lot of father children and a lot of children with their parents because somebody has the target created the environment of conflict [18:04.6-18:09.0] you go to China there is not such thing happening.
If you look especially the young people have to be wise [18:14.8-18:19.2] you look very strange thin
. How come I just see it. BBC and CN are always weird burning and shooting, you know, how is done, especially chidren you have to know,

BBC news broadcasts carry a lot of [18:28.4-18:32.8] cash with them in their transmission [18:31.8-18:36.2] they pay cash. You burn, you have 100 dollar. they burn [18:35.2-18:39.6] and they say it’s a conflict, don’t tell me how, I know they did it in Iran, that’s how the Iranian revolution was set up. [18:38.6-18:43.0] you burn you put three of you [18:45.4-18:49.8] hundred Euro each hundred dollar, yangsters? ten dollars a lot of money, they start saying from the camera, it is crier and fire. [18:55.6-19:00.0] That is done. They’re creating the environment revolution because they know their pay masters will [18:59.0-19:03.4] rob the salary?? back. [19:02.4-19:06.8]

so they’re creating environment and children have to be wise in how these environment are created [19:09.2-19:13.6] here is matter,here is matter of children.
you create the environment of happiness, the birthday, you put a cake, you put music, you create to be having fun! [19:22.8-19:27.2] but the adults play different games, they call it “ war game” because the object is not cutting a cake, it is the same cake but is the money that the nations work for lots of generations to save [19:33.0-19:37.4]

the cake is much bigger for bigger feast. so this is how it is you convert, you create the environment, is the same as I said you creating environment of a birthday, here you creating environment
and go back on what we said about the containers. If you listen to another teaching you put the metal outside, you increase the fields. You put matter inside of your box. You create the matter state, so you increase the physicality. so you can play this outside fields, is not ?your emotion and plates inside is your physicality which anything doesn’t move through it, then you can produce anything, you can produce a happy cake. [20:26.8-20:32.9] you can produce sad cake, so this is what the change is, this is what the change of position in the structure is. and I hope I answered you question.[20:42.1-20:48.2]

Kevin: Yes, thank you Mr.Keshe. I think you brought up really important point, the truth which usually people don’t know like this. My second question, if there is not a question to that, is, you know, there is, I think, there is not single person I know who does dream about, you know, having the freedom, independence, the emotional freedom. you know, travelling from A to B.

so I think this is the most fascinating thing that we are about to, I mean now finally humanity has the free energy and bashfully nobody is talking about it. Even not in the social environment that has been crying for free energy but I guess they must, you know, somehow, face their own, you know, ignorance, so what I want to, specific ask you this system with four shock absorbers and centralised one core reactor in the center of the car. Could you explain that in a way that kids could understand?

Keshe: Yes, you call it a flying machine for the magravs “magnetic gravitational positioning”. We to be balance and don’t send fuels across the whole car, for example, [22:08.8-22:14.9] you look lines literally against with the man, with what you call it four wheels, but what we do we put, if I can show you go the wrong way for you, this is Cabin if you look at it from the top. You place four reactors in four corners and one in the centre where the system with these four magnetic gravitational fields lifts to a…, if you can look at this is a car, these are your reactors and you have one in the center, you create the magnetic fields which allows you to find a new position which your wheels are not needed. that’s all you do, but [22:54.7-23:00.8] you call it centralize cornerlize that the field’s [22:59.8-23:05.9] interaction is not having in the passenger that’s why we use four reactors [23:04.9-23:11.0] at four corners. You understand?

Kevin: Yes, could you go into detail about the control, the directional control?
Keshe: Oh, this is too much for children, we don’t need to go that!
Kevin: I am really interested!

Keshe:Why don’t you come to the adults section we will talk? But this is more or less what you do, you lift the car in the right position, in the right condition, and then the…literally on the motorcar you use the power which on the street [23:35.5-23:41.6] you literally with hairdron what we called hairdryers because you just further direct your position transportation. [23:45.7-23:51.8] this is being done, this is not behind this car, behind to this toy, but now very soon we are sure again [23:50.8-23:56.9] beacuse we have six of it one of these cars, we can very easily make a fly,we got seven of them. so we will show this in the coming time, very soon! Any other question? Anything else the big child called Kevin likes to know?

Kevin: No. Anybody else have questions, any of those topics how high can it go in manualizing asking [24:26.5-24:32.6]
Keshe: Oh, this is all will be done. [24:26.5-24:32.6]
Rick: Some kids might be interested to know whether hover ball will be ready by the time September deadline of their back to the future movie to come around. [24:57.1-25:03.2]
Keshe: Pardon? What is it?
A woman: That’s how a boy back to the future
Rick: You mention that the Delaurence, so I thought the hover ball, something that kids could relate to even more than Delauren [25:22.6-25:28.7]
Keshe: We have to show a lot of things, the things is I don’t do it any more you all have the knowledge enough to carry on. and I am sure the children will add more to it.
Rick: Actually, I am quite sure that probably some children that working on that whether the Chinese children or Canadian children but I am sure somewhere they have that specifically in mind to work on this year.
Keshe: Thank you very much! and do we have any more to carry on or do we want to close the children section from now. [26:03.4-26:09.5]

Kevin: Are we coming back to, is that correct, Mr. Keshe? Coming back?
Keshe: Pardon?
Kevin: Are we coming bcak to a teaching today?
Keshe: No, why?
Kevin: I am just asking.

Keshe: No,No. we finish because we have a lot of things to do. There are a lot of negotiations should be done for different aspects.
Keshe: I have to be seven or six clock and then by [26:28.9-26:35.0] eight or nine clock we’ll finish tonight. [26:34.0-26:40.1]
Rick: Ok, let’s call the short section for today, for the kids then.
Keshe: Tomorrow is Wednesday morning? and we have Sandor teaching us.
Rick: Right, yes, that should be interesting.
Keshe: I can have a sleeping.
Rick: It’s emotion and material’s state, matter, yes.
Keshe: Both in the matter. Ok, thank you very much for today.
凯史:都是物质状态的。(??)Ok, 非常感谢你今天的工作。
Kevin: Thank you Mr. Keshe.
Rick: Thank you Mr. Keshe.
Keshe: I stop at 2 o’clock in the morning so on. Just about enough ending up today. [27:08.6-27:16.4] Thank you very much indeed! Bye-bye!
Rick: You are just ready to start the second shift now. [27:15.4-27:23.2] Ok, Bye for now!
Kevin: Bye! thanks Vince and thank you, Rick.

Rick: Thank you again! I appreciate it and that’s the 19th Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop and the end of the two stage July 7th afternoon teaching at the Space Intitute. Thank you Mr. Keshe. Thank you Kevin and thanks to the Spanish gays to [27:42.6-27:50.4] have the schedule all ??? today and to everyone who’s attending. [27:49.4-27:57.2]